Members of the Whale Lab

Dave Duffus

Dr. Duffus founded the Whale Research Lab in the early 1990s, and has continued to study whale ecology, particularly gray whales, on the west coast of Vancouver Island since. 

Rianna Burnham

Rianna is a doctoral fellow of the University of Victoria working on the WHaLE project, using ocean glider acoustic technology to map the presence of whales on the west coast of BC. This, tied with ecological data, will lead to mitigation measures to avoid ship-strike and negative whale-vessel interactions. She also instructs the "Marine Mammals of British Columbia" continuing education class at the Univeristy of Victoria, and is a session instructor in the Geography Department. She oversees the research at the Ahousaht research base, and as such is highly involved with the SEACR internship program.

Monica Whitney-Brown

Monica joins the lab in the fall of 2016 as an Honours student, having already taken field courses in Ahousaht. Her research focuses on the use of passive acoustic monitoring and observations to better understand killer whale habitat use in Clayoquot Sound. She will be collaborating with Strawberry Isle Marine Research Society, using sighting data from their citizen science network to complement the acoustic data.

Lynn Rannankari

Lynn continues her work with the lab following the completion of her Honours. Her research focuses on the use of acoustics by gray whales when on migration and in foraging areas, primarily the utility and ecology of calling. Her particular interest is that of call patterns and variability in calls dependent on individual and group dynamics.




...and all those that without all of this would not be possible....

Harold and Corrie Stevenson: always there for the tough and dirty jobs and heavy hauling

Tom Reimchen: support and sounding board for all crew as an ecology and evolution master

The Clark Family - Hughey, Keith, Iris, Becky and the boys: For humour, help and giving us a home

Staff of the Geography Department - Kathy, Diane, Jeremy, Rick, Ken: for keeping us on the straight and narrow 

Jim Sumich - alway been a great support to the crew, and keeping all the gray whale folks connected. He wrote the book

Olaf Niemann - advice and support (technical or otherwise)

Robin Baird - for remembering the baleen researcher when soaring at great height with work on the toothed variety. Founding member but still active

The guys at Jasco: for leading us in the realms of underwater acoustics