The Society of Ecological and Coastal Research (SEACR)

The mission of SEACR is twofold:

1. To provide individuals with the educational opportunity to assist marine ecological researchers with their field research data collection;
2. To provide scientific researchers with logistical and financial support throughout their field season.

SEACR accomplishes these goals through its Marine Research Internship Program - MRIP - which supports ongoing scientific marine research on the coast of British Columbia, Canada. MRIP is a volunteer program where research interns assist qualified marine ecological researchers during their field season. Internships are run through the summer season, with places limited to maximise the experience. Follow the tabs above to find out more about MRIP, and how you can become a Research Intern. SEACR is currently sponsoring several research projects in British Columbia, Canada. The projects are organized and run by the Whale Research Lab of the University of Victoria, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.


Research through SEACR has focused on gray whales (Eschrichtius robustus) and the predator-prey relationships in a spatially heterogeneous environment. This work builds a model of gray whale habitat, and predicts the distribution of habitat throughout British Columbia coastal waters through ongoing gray whales surveys, invertebrate prey sonar-surveys, and an analysis of coastal topography. 

For more information see the 'Recent Research' page

The newest project through SEACR is the Whale Habitat and Listening Experiement using ocean gliders to map whale presence on the west coast, see the 'WHaLE'